What can be made with Cardboard?

If you have a lot of cardboard in your house, you can recycle your old cardboard into some attractive stuff. It can be your DIY projects at home. Here are some ideas that can come up using old cardboard.

Cardboard Make up Shelf
If you are a makeup addict, you must treasure a lot of makeup stuff in your room. By using the old cardboard at home, you can transform it into a beautiful cardboard makeup shelf with the help of internet, scissors, and glue. First of all, you need to decide what size and design of your DIY makeup shelf. You can find the pattern and tutorials by browsing on the internet. All you need to do is following up the instruction and transfer the pattern on your cardboard. After having the pattern, you can cut the pattern and assemble it into a new DIY makeup shelf.

Picture Frames
The thickness and stiffness of the cardboard can be advantaged to be the picture frames. You can make any shapes that you love as the basic patterns. You can wrap the cardboard using the bright fabric or cure patterned paper. You can place your pictures on the frame of the picture and place it on your bedroom.

Pencil Case
If you have children, you can use the cardboard to make the DIY pencil case. It will be a great project to do together with your children. You can help them by making the pattern and cut it for them. The pattern of the cardboard pencil case is so simple and easy to follow. You can find the tutorials on the internet or you can design it by yourself. The box shape is the simplest one. The children can help you to glue or color the pencil case.

The old cardboard can be transformed into various attractive things which are useful for you. You can make the makeup shelf, picture frames and pencil case from the old cardboard.