What Can Be Made from Plastic Bottle?

The plastic bottle is one of the garbage which can’t be decomposed in the ground. Many plastic bottles end up in the ocean and pollute the ocean. We need a solution to turn the problem into a solution.

In order to advantage the plastic bottles at your home, you can recycle it into various things that useful for your house. Here are some creative things from that you can follow :

– Plant Pot
You can create a vertical garden using the plastic bottles as the plant pots if you don╒t have enough space for gardening in your backyard or front yard. As it’s in the form of the name, the garden will be in the form of vertical shapes by hanging the plastic pots on the wall. Here are the steps on making the plastic pots. Take an empty plastic bottle of medium or big size plastic mineral water. Make a rectangle hole in the middle of the plastic bottle. You can make some small holes in the bottom of the pots so the water can drip through the holes. You can manage to pots to be hanged along the wall or all over the wall.

– The Flower and Plants Decoration
You can make a beautiful ornament for your living room by advantaging the plastic bottles. There are many pattern and shape of the flower made of plastic bottles. For the clear direction and steps, you can find it on the internet. The big size plastic bottle can be transformed into the vase and branch of the tree. All you have to do is remove the top part and cut the body into tiny pieces. You can make the flowers from the plastic bag. You can put up the flowers into the stalk using the glue.

– Piggy Banks
It must be fun to do the DIY project at home with your children. You can create some cute piggy banks from plastic bottles by decorating the empty plastic bottles with sheets paper, fake sticky eyes, marker, and craft wire. You will need small plastic bottles. For the first step, you can make a small hole for inserting the money. The next step is wrapping the bottle with the paper and placing the fake eyes into the bottle cap. You can add a smile or on the cap. For the last touch, you can create the ears using the paper and put the tail from the wire.

Here are some ideas of DIY plastic bottle crafts that you can try at home. You can transform the plastic bottle into plant pots, flower & plant decorations, and piggy banks.