Recycling Used Cans

Recycling Used Cans

Recycling used cans that are no longer used and will accumulate will cause waste to the environment, the waste has a meaning as a waste product that is produced from industrial or household production processes. But with the skills and craftsmanship of these used milk cans can be used as a number of useful, beautiful and high selling points. Used cans also have ample opportunities to be made into new and unique items that we can use to help us in our daily lives.

The first example in using used cans for reuse is a piggy bank. This is one of the easiest options where we don’t need to make many modifications to the used cans that we use. The trick is only to make small tunnels with shapes such as long lines. The goal is that we can use it to put in money both made of paper and metal. To make it more interesting, we can paint or draw what we like on the surface of the used cans that we use as piggy banks.

Used cans can also be used as food jars. Used cans for jars can we make simply where we only need the right lid so that the contents in the jars that we make from used cans are not loose. To make it, we need additional materials such as rubber. The purpose of rubber is to provide additional function of the jar lid from this used can. The rubber used will provide an airtight effect so that the contents in the jar won’t be easily sluggish.

Flower vases, tin cans, we can also use to beautify your home or garden. We can decorate used cans by using ink to make it look more attractive and beautiful. We only need to cut the used can into ¾ parts and we can use styrofoam to be the place where the flowers are pierced. Or, if you want to use real plants, you can use soil media that is placed in a used can.

Pencil case, used tin can also be used as a pencil holder. Yes, instead of buying a new pencil case at a high price, it helps us to use a used tin to transform into a beautiful pencil holder. With this, we can also develop our imagination and creativity. Usually, we can use pencil cases from used cans to develop children’s creativity. Children will love to make their creations from these used tin materials.