Recycling Could Be As Simple As Adjusting Eating Manners

People often thought that recycling requires huge effort to start with. Well, this is true, only when you start recycling every item around the house. For a light start, one could simply adjust eating habit. Details of the changes is not hard, either. With daily practice, anyone could literally do recycling at home.

– Mind About Leftovers
Check again: how many times leftovers are thrown away to the bin? Instead of doing this, have it for lunch or dinner. If one doesn’t fancy cold dish, then try to reheat them. Another suggestion would be making new menu from it. Be creative with the ingredients! For any menu with broth, adding vegetables and meat will make the whole bowl.

– Serve Using Big Plates
There is one problem with eating leftovers. It is the hygiene problem. Many houses choose to arrange meal on a plate. In the other words, every person has their own full dish. If all family members agree not to have any leftover, then switch the eating course. Instead of having a plate of full dish, use serving plate to put the vegetables portion and another one for the meat or fish.

– Check “Best Before”
Every canned or packed product has “best before” label on it. People usually choose not to consume them when the date is near or passed, even if it is just yesterday or the day before yesterday. Sometimes, this date is just a warning that the presentation of its content won’t be appealing. However, it doesn’t mean that the product is poisonous. Check again before throwing them out.

Those members are actively supporting go green movement will try to invent new way to reduce all types of waste. Sometimes, these advices are too much for those citizen with little to none knowledge about green environment. Luckily, they could start from adjusting their eating manners.