Plastic Bottle Bins for Building Materials and Furniture

Plastic Bottle Bins for Building Materials and Furniture – Plastic bottle waste is the most trash we see wherever we are. The reason, beverage products with disposable packaging is very practical and hassle-free. However, the use of disposable plastic bottles has a very bad impact on the environment, ranging from high plastic waste heaps to the environmental pollution by plastic waste. What we currently need to reduce pollution like this is a plastic diet. We must be even wiser in the use of products with plastic packaging or plastic-based.

Of course in the process of environmental rehabilitation from plastic waste, we need a process that is not short. While we go on a plastic diet, we can recycle plastic bottles into useful things in our lives. One of them is to become materials for buildings and furniture. Currently plastic bottle bins are used to make materials called Ecobrick. Ecobrick is a brick that is made by using plastic bottle bins as the basis of its manufacture. What’s interesting is, Ecobrick can be used as materials to build homes or become furniture. Making it can be spelled out simply where we just have to dry a plastic bottle and stack it into a mold and then press it until there are no cavities in it. Besides being able to reduce plastic bottle waste, Ecobrick can also be used as a new business area. Now all businesses are experiencing difficulties, online gambling websites like are also looking for new business avenues to continue to make use of available resources

In addition to Ecobrick, we can also use plastic bottle waste as a decoration that beautifies the room in our home. We can use several plastic bottles as pots or flower vases. Of course, in the manufacturing process we do not need to use additional materials that are difficult to obtain. We just need to form a plastic bottle in accordance with the shape we like and put the media to grow plants in the plastic bottle.