The Advantages of Go Green

The Overview of Go Green: What’s that and the Advantage?

You might hear these words more lately compare to use to be. As the earth gets suffered by the global warming caused by human activities that don’t care about the environment, you have to start doing a real action for making earth a better place for living. One of them through the action called Go Green.

What is Go Green?
Go Green is the action to save the earth from the damaged and global warming caused by human, pollution and environmental damage. There are many steps to do to help the earth breath more and make better changes in the environment. Human owned much from earth. We used natural recourses for supporting our lifestyle. You must not aware of how many plastic and styrofoam you get after you have your grocery shopping or taking away your meals from your favorite restaurant.

You can be a part of go green by doing the simple thing in your life. You must be aware of your surrounding and try to do the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle). Going green can mean more than that and you can start to form the basic thing within yourself. Try to reduce the use of plastic and another package that hard to recycle. You can bring your own cup when buying the coffee. No need to ask for a plastic straw. You can directly drink from your cup or use your own stainless straw which can be washed after using it. You can bring your box to buy meals. No need to use plastic to bring your grocery stuff, you can prepare the fabric bag from home.

The Advantages of Go Green
There are many advantages that we can get by going green. It can give advantages to the community and the environment. Going green means care about the environment. Some people try to work by bike to reduce gas emission. The main benefit will go back to the community because it provides the living thing and human with fresh air and more oxygen. It can help to minimize the risk of various disease caused by pollution.

The act of reducing, reuse and recycle also help nature growing more. It means no more illegal logging, flooding and protects the forest ecosystem, by protecting the forest, we conserve with the wildlife and improve the air quality.

Go Green can be defined as an act to save the earth from damaged and global warming. There are many advantages of going green, such as more fresh air, minimize pollution and protect wildlife.

Trash Dieting Tips

Trash diet is a term for designing a method of producing the least waste from individual’s daily consumption. Most people called it as “zero waste” movement. This nickname scares many who haven’t learned the process yet. It is not about eliminating all kind of waste. Instead of suffocating individuals, trash dieting is relatively easy to follow.

Cut Shopping Items
In every house, there is one time for big cleaning. It is not just any ordinary cleaning, since all outdated products and leftovers are being thrown out of refrigerator and cabinet. Upon seeing the amount of unused items, you cannot ignore the fact that there are too many of them. The more items to throw means more wasted money.

When it is time to do grocery shopping, keep it mind to buy the basic needs only. Pass or ignore discounted items area. This is where many buyers are tempted to put unnecessary items just because they are “cheaper”. If they are not in the shopping list, skip them.

Say No To Disposable
Buying disposable packaging might seem convenient at first. Stop and think for a minute. More disposable bag or carton at home is equal to more trash. It will be against the whole idea of trash dieting. In addition, they will make the space looks messier in no time.

Instead of grabbing disposable materials, opt for more reusable items. They are glass, stainless cup and clay. Try to think another way to use the material after it is emptied. Easier option is choosing the reusable version of the product. Be open minded and admit that most daily items are reusable.

Is it hard to start trash dieting? Not really. It all comes back to one’s mind power only. By relying on rationality instead of impulsive thought, anyone could pass the diet without any serious problem. If you don’t believe it, try for yourself.