Knowing the Benefits of Recycling

As we know that the earth is experiencing the extreme global changing in climate and weather. It is a sign for us to do the real action to save the earth from further damages by recycling our wastes. Recycling is so important for human because it can give many positive feedbacks to the human itself. Here are some benefits of recycling that you should know.

– Save the Nature
Do you know that most of the plastic can’t be recycling even for years? Human needs woods for producing the paper, pencil, tissue and more. Can’t you imagine the effect if human starting to take all the woods in the forest? The natural disaster will happen and human will lost all their belonging because of that. You can start to recycle your used paper, plastic, metals and glass. You can recycle it into a new one without having to put it away into the trash can.

– Protect the Wildlife
Most of our waste will end in the ocean. All the living creatures in the ocean can die because of plastic waste. It harms the sea creatures which live in there. The turtle and whale died because of eating the plastic. They died because of getting trapped with the plastic rope. As the result, the balance of the ocean ecosystem will be disturbed. It can harm the ecosystem of the wildlife in the ocean. By recycling our waste, it means we protect wildlife from the damage caused by a human.

– Save Energy
Recycling can save more energy rather than make it from raw materials. Making the recycled paper can save more energy because fewer wood fibers needed and it means more energy used in the making process. The same thing also happened to other products.

There are many benefits to recycling. You can save nature from massive disaster, protect the wildlife and save more energy.