Inspiring Crafts from the Bottle Caps

Inspiring Crafts from the Bottle Caps

You must be amazed at how a bottle cap can be changed into a beautiful craft in the right hands. As an effort to recycle the plastic bottles, you can follow some ideas of turning the bottle caps into some unique DIY crafts. Bottle caps value as useless waste which doesn’t have economic value. If you are such a person with that thought, you should change your mindset and see how some unique crafts can be made from the bottle caps.

DIY Coffee Table Top
If you have an old coffee table with a damaged top part, you can renew it using the bottle caps. First of all, you need to clean the surface of your old coffee table. Once, you make sure that you have finished it; you can arrange different bottle caps on the table. You can design the pattern as you like. You can arrange it based on the color or just do it randomly. You can attach the bottle caps on the table using the special glue. For the final touch, you can cover the coffee table using the glass and make the lining at the edge for the safety.

Key Holder
You can create a unique key holder using the bottle cap as the main material. You can clean it wrap it with felt fabric. The plain felt will look less interesting, therefore you can stitch small letters or symbol to make it attractive for. Another way is by making the small hole in the metal bottle cap and writes unique words on the inner side of the bottle cap. In order to finish your key holder project, you need to put the key chain into the bottle caps.

Small Container
Do you know that you can make a small container using the plastic bottle cap? You can take two bottle caps and make it a small container. You can use put together the necks of the bottle caps together and create a waterproof container.

Mirror Frame
You can decorate your old mirror using the colorful bottle caps by arranging them around the edge of the mirror. It will give unique look and make the room bright and alive. The metal bottle caps are a suitable option for this project. It has a unique look and design which can make the plain mirror looking amazing and gorgeous.

The bottle caps can transform into various DIY crafts. They are a DIY coffee table top, key holder, small container and mirror frame.