Benefits of Waste Recycling

Benefits of Waste Recycling – The problem of garbage on this earth is getting more complicated. The solution, in addition to plastic bag diet, many people also do recycling rubbish. Not only does it recycle waste into fertilizer, you can also turn unused objects into something that is useful again. Of the many objects that are not used anymore, we usually call it garbage, we can actually use it to help us in our daily activities. Even though it is small, maybe objects made from recycled waste have functions that we may not know about until now. To be sure, creativity is very influential here because rubbish that is considered useless can be a very useful object.

If you know carton boxes of eggs, many people think of it as garbage when the eggs we use are up. However, make no mistake, egg carton boxes can be used as a cupcake holder. Certainly, for those of you who like to make cupcakes, you don’t need to pay anymore to buy a new cupcake holder. Then there is a used bottle of sauce. Plastic sauce bottles have a function that can be used as a container for storing pancake dough. Well, for those of you who want to be practical in making breakfast, you can easily make pancakes without the need to make more dough every morning. With this, it is also easier for us to cook pancakes with attractive shapes.

Tea cans, we often throw this away when the tea inside is used up. However, we can use the tea cans as a candle container. We can make it easily. We only need the stick axis, beewax and also aroma therapy oil if we want it. Still related to drinks, this one is a coffee cardboard glass. If you often drink coffee at Starbucks, you can use the used cardboard coffee cups as a tissue container.