Attractive Ideas of Used Tired Craft

Most people will throw away their used tire whenever they donÕt need it anymore. You can use those used tire to be turned into some fun crafts that will make your life happier because there are no junks pile up in the corner of our backyard. Here are some ideas for your used tires.

Cute Table
You can transform your old tire into a cute little table for your patio or backyard. It will be a nice addition to making your terrace look chic and stylish. A little creativity and imagination needed to make a cute table. You can wrap the old tire using the natural straw rope. The old tire will transform into a piece of art. For making the table legs, you can put some wooden poles for supporting the tire table. If you donÕt want to install the wooden pole, then you can pile up two used tires wrapping in the rope for the simple design.

Tire Swing
This one must be quite familiar for you. The tire swing is easily found in the playground areas. You can make the tire swing from the old tire for your children. Your children must get excited to see a swing on the backyard. It will be a great treasure for their childhood. There are many models of tire swing which you can adapt. You can place it horizontally or vertically into the strong branch or poles. Make sure you tighten it correctly and try it before the children play with it.

Tire Planter
This is a great idea for your garden. You can make a tire planter from the old tires. Paint it with colorful colors to make it rousing and attractive. You can plant flowers and herbs in the tire planter. It will be a great addition for your front yard or backyard this summer. The colorful tire will make anyone fall in love with the unique planter. You can paint the tire and add some ornaments on the planter to make it attractive.

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Tire Chair
If you can make a table with the old tire, you also can make the chair from the same materials. You can use the old tire as the base of your chair. Add some foam into the tire to make it comfortable. You can close the middle part of the tire with the thick plywood for both sides, and then wrap it with the foam. You can use synthetic leather or hardcover fabric to wrap the chair. It will be great furniture for any rooms in your house.

You can recycle your used tire into some attractive craft. You can make a table, chair, swing, and planter. These DIY craft can be your opportunity to sharpen your talent and creativity!