Inspiring Crafts from the Bottle Caps

You must be amazed at how a bottle cap can be changed into a beautiful craft in the right hands. As an effort to recycle the plastic bottles, you can follow some ideas of turning the bottle caps into some unique DIY crafts. Bottle caps value as useless waste which doesn’t have economic value. If […]

What can be made with Cardboard?

If you have a lot of cardboard in your house, you can recycle your old cardboard into some attractive stuff. It can be your DIY projects at home. Here are some ideas that can come up using old cardboard. Cardboard Make up Shelf If you are a makeup addict, you must treasure a lot of […]

The Overview of Go Green: What’s that and the Advantage?

You might hear these words more lately compare to use to be. As the earth gets suffered by the global warming caused by human activities that don’t care about the environment, you have to start doing a real action for making earth a better place for living. One of them through the action called Go […]