Cute Foam Peanut Snow Swags

Foam Peanut Swags decor closeup

Make it snow inside with homemade snow swags. This project using salvaged packing peanuts is so easy that even young children can do it with supervision. Use a large blunt needle and some white string. I used salvaged string that I removed from pet food bags before recycling. I’m referring to the white stitching that is on some cat and dog food bags. Sometime the chicken food that I buy has this string as well. Waste not want not – as the saying goes. Simply string the “peanuts” until you have the desired amount on. Then tie off the ends. Continue reading

Fun in the Making’s New Look

New Fun in the Making Theme

I hope you enjoy the new look of Fun in the Making. The new theme enhances the user experience on mobile platforms. It has been many years since the Fun in the Making blog launched, and in that time, much has changed with the web. Fun in the Making has increasingly been visited by the global community on mobile devices and it was not an optimal experience on their smaller screens. It was time for a redesign to ensure Fun in the Making’s rich content was accessible across a wide range of screen size and resolutions. Fun in the Making’s new look is derived from the latest 2012 Theme. It is a mobile first, responsive design that adjusts the content to match the viewport of the computer or device that Fun in the Making is being viewed on. Although we customized some of the theme’s layout and style, the full credit for this theme goes to the WordPress organization for providing a strong, modern foundation from which to extend.

Chris Burch,
Fun in the Making Chief Technology Officer :)

Flashy New Year’s Eve Photo Backdrop Made Of CDs

Photo backdrop made of CD's

String salvaged CD’s together to make a flashy backdrop for your New Year’s Eve pictures. They would be equally cool for a music themed party.


I cut the numbers (2013) out of salvaged aluminum pie pans.

I’m going to set up a camera for guests to take pictures of themselves on New Year’s Eve.

Let the fun begin!