Repurpose Foil Seal Tops into Quick Gift Tags and Ornaments

MYO Ornament from foil seal

These flashy round foil pull off seals are perfect for making into a quick gift tag or Christmas ornament. Do you recognize this otherwise discarded product? Some food items contain a foil seal like this under the screw on top. Children can easily make these into ornaments. They can even add their own message too by “carving” onto the soft aluminum material. A ball point pen works well. Or use anything with a firm but rounded tip. You could also write on them with a permanent marker.MYO Foil Gift Tag

I like that the silver of the foil gives it a bling look.

MYO Foil Gift Tag Carved Aluminum

The aluminum Chipotle bowl cover is perfect for this purpose too. It is thicker than regular aluminum foil but still soft enough to scratch/ carve into if desired.

These pictures should get you started. Be creative!

Homemade Dr Who Tardis for Imaginative Play

Tardis in the Universe

This Tardis was made out of a large box by my clever daughter and I during the summer break. Any Dr. Who fans out there? FYI, I used a photo from this site as the background of this picture:

Girl Emerges From Tardis

I used a box cutter to cut the panels out of the front doors and then we worked together to glue another piece of cardboard onto each door (on the inside). Basically the doors are twice as thick. This detail looks cool but isn’t necessary. My daughter painted the Tardis and cut the “window panes” from paper and glued them on the box. She also did all the clever workings inside. (Lots of knobs and levers!)

Tardis And Girl With Sonic Screwdriver

I love the way it sparks imaginative play.

Girl Looks At Sonic Screwdriver NearTardis

Here are a few things that might help you with your project:

Tardis In The Making

The window panes on this Tardis measure 5.5 inches x 3.75 inches. (You will need 12.)

The sign on the door I was able to find on the web and print out.

Here is The Police Public Call Box sign that we used on our Tardis. I made it/ sized it to print out easily on a standard piece of paper. Print out, cut out, glue on.


Flying Squirrel In Southern Maryland


Today I was surprised to find a Southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans) in my living room. I speculate that my cat had something to do with this. Lucky I was able to corral this cute little thing into a cereal box before relocating it outside for pictures and then to freedom.

Let’s take this opportunity for a closer look.FlyingSquirrelExtraSkinO

In this picture you can see how it has extra skin along its side. This skin is called a patagium and allows the squirrels to glide from tree to tree. They can’t really fly (like a bird) but it sort of looks like they are flying!FlyingSquirrelFeetNTailO

Check out their feet!

They can be found throughout Maryland. You can also find them throughout the eastern United States, southeastern Canada and parts of Central America.


Flying squirrels are arboreal. This means that they spend most of their time in trees.


FlyingSquirrelTailONotice their flat tail.

Table of Gross: Halloween Décor

Table of Gross Fear of books, pins and snakes

Our guests are delightfully creeped out by our display of gross nature stuff. We call this display, Table of Gross and guests must face their fears!

Table of Gross Fear of Spiders, dirt and germs


Table of Gross Fear of insects


Table-of-GrossFear of Birds and Clocks


There are normal fears, obscure fears, and silly fears.

Rhino Beetles In Bowl

Please note that nothing was killed for this display. Not even these Rhino beetles.

Don’t forget to add dead flowers to your display.

I recommend you glue the jars shut.


Aluminum Can Butterfly Room Décor, Mobiles, Ornaments and More

After you cut out your own butterflies out of aluminum cans, you can use them in many creative ways. Here are a few ideas.

Lavender Butterflies on Wall

These butterflies were made by a middle school student. She is working on making a collection of them to flutter up her wall. Lavender Butterfly

She choose to paint hers. Don’t they look sweet? Add antenna if you like.

Can Butterfly Mobile

Make them into a mobile. This was made by a friend.

Can Butterfly resting on finger

Use them as ornaments. Here is one I made and it seemingly rests on my finger.

Can Butterfly attached to Ceiling Fan Pull

I attached some to my ceiling fan pulls to help remind me which is the fan and which is the light.

I like the idea of using them in the garden as garden art. Further, they can be attached to trees to help one navigate down a winding forest path.

To learn more about how these were made, you may want to see my post: aluminum-can-butterfly-candle-holder.