Simple Doll Beds Made From Clementine Boxes

It is easy to transform a Clementine box into a charming doll bed. I’ve made two bed styles here to inspire you to get to work.

Lightly sand then paint the Clementine box inside and out. You may need more than one coat.

Sew a mattress and pillow. Use scrap fabric or old sheets.

Find a cloth napkin to use as a blanket.


The braided rug in the picture above was made from braided sheets by one of my talented students.

Bed 1 (with headboard)

Turn the box upside down. Use foam board or whatever scraps you have on hand. I used foam board because I have a friend who frames pictures for people and therefore has lots of foam board scraps that would otherwise just get tossed out. Check your local frame shop. I cut a piece of foam board with an exacto knife and attached it for the headboard. Be creative here. Round the corners if you like and make a fabric covered padded headboard.

Bed 2 (with fancy bed posts)

Make a cradle-like bed by adding finials to the bed posts. I got these beads second-hand. If you are using beads, fill the hole with wood putty and let dry before painting. Glue in place.

Home-made gifts are really nice in my opinion.  You probably know some little girl who would love a sweet little doll bed.

Older little girls would enjoy making their own doll beds. They could pick their own colors, paint it themselves, and even sew the mattresses and pillow. In this way they will learn basic sewing techniques and improve their skills. They will have just as much fun making it as playing with it.

Local Halloween Themed Sewing/ Crafting Workshop

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Design and Sew Your Own Monster Softie!

This class involves some machine sewing and some hand sewing but not an overwhelming amount of either.

Bring: fuzzy sweaters and other items to be repurposed. Your charming softie might have claws, fangs or even a barbed tail. Not to worry, monster softies are always nice to their makers.

Design and Craft Your Own Rogue Robot.

This project doesn’t require any sewing; just imagination. Make them as scary as you like.

Bring: bits and pieces; a broken phone, worn out windshield wipers, broken flashlight, an old computer keyboard…. Also, be sure to raid the recycle bin for inspiring parts. Have extra? Bring some to share. In addition, an assortment of “junk” will be provided.

Workshop (9am-2pm) or class (9am-11am or 12pm-2pm)

Possible dates: Oct. 16th, Oct. 17th, and Oct. 24th

For more info.

Local group works for a better planet

Several local middle school students are gathering on 10/10/10 for a work party in support of 350. These students calling themselves Teens for a Better Planet are making recycling posters to be placed in three local schools and several environmental education centers in St. Mary’s County, MD. The posters will serve to educate other students and visitors about recyclable materials. It will include commonly known items like plastic bottles and cans, but also include little known recyclables like plastic wrap and chip bags. These students want to encourage as much recycling as possible to prevent the waste of resources and to reduce the load on landfills (among other reasons). As more types of materials are accepted for recycling, it is important that the information be passed on to the public.

On 10/10/10, in every corner of the globe, people will implement solutions to the climate crisis. Other groups around the world will be installing solar panels, making community gardens, wind turbines and bike workshops. To learn more about 350, go to

Make Your Own Can Jack O Lanterns From Recycled Paint Cans

Don’t you just love these charming can Jack O’ Lanterns? They are great. You don’t have to spend money for these fabulous fall decorations. You keep the cans from beign put in a landfill. You would not be buying something plastic which would also most likely end up in a landfill. You can reuse them year after year. And… You would have a perfect way to greet guests during your next autumn/Halloween party.

How to:

Collect used gallon sized metal paint cans. I saved these cans from when I painted my house. First you have to design the face. Next draw it on your can; I used a crayon. Then you need to make a starter hole in each section you are cutting out. Make a starter hole with a nail and a hammer. The can will have a tendency to cave in at this point so be careful. Once you get a starter hole, you can use utility snips to cut the rest. The smaller metal snips work best for me. You will want to use gloves because the metal edges will be sharp. Keep in mind that simple shapes are easier. If you keep them inside, the cans will stay silver. Over time they will rust, however,  if you leave them out in the rain. I like the way they look when they get rusty. At night you can display them with a tea light inside.

Here I have them lined up along my driveway.