Update Your Knowledge About What Is Recyclable Here In St. Mary’s Co. MD

If you live in St. Mary’s County MD, there is a good chance that Waste Management is the company that carries away your trash. All the public schools in St. Mary’s County use this same company. They have a single stream recycling program. Single stream means that you don’t have to sort your recyclables anymore. They all go in one bin. (Let me be clear here: motor oil, clothing and a few other items are still collected separately but the bulk of your recycling will go in one bin. It’s so easy. No more excuses!

You probably knew that soda cans, plastic drink bottles, plastic shopping bags, aluminum foil, and paper are recyclable. But did you know that juice bags, juice boxes, milk and juice boxes from school lunch programs, zip closure bags, plastic utensils, plastic chip bags, and candy wrappers are also collected for recycling?

Local students spread the word about what is recyclable at their schools.

Several students from Leonardtown Middle School in St. Mary’s County MD took pictures of recyclable items and these pictures were used to make posters for several local schools. As a result, recycling at these schools has increased tremendously.

To learn more about this poster project done in support of 350.org:

For more details about recycling in this area: http://www.co.saint-marys.md.us/dpw/recycleprogramslist.asp

Recent Fun In The Making Sewing/ Crafting Valentine Class

During a recent Fun In The Making Valentine Workshop, elementary school students designed and sewed their own love bugs using all recycled materials. -Sara, Madison, Molly, Katie and Jade (not in photo).

Students also made carved bark Valentines and used red branches from a dogwood bush to make hug and kisses ornaments (more on this in another post).

This is some of the awesome student work done at this workshop.

Kissing Love Bugs. How sweet.

Super Job Girls!!

Sweet Valentines Carved In Tree Bark

A few years ago, my daughter brought home a piece of bark she had carved a design in. I liked the idea so much that I thought wouldn’t it be cool to carve a valentine out of a piece of bark. I like the way it makes you think of the sweet affections of youth carved in trees. However, I don’t really like the idea of scarring a tree.  They can be used in a variety of ways from napkin rings to Valentine ornaments.

You could also carve things like: T.B. + N.R., U R Sweet, Hot stuff, or Kiss me. I used a metal barbecue skewer to scratch out the letters. Bark pieces can be found on the ground around some pine trees or possibly around a log pile.

Napkin rings are made from a slice of a toilet paper roll with the bark Valentine glued on.

Hand carved tree bark Valentine ornament.

Leave a secret love note for someone special to find.

These love notes are carved into tree bark but not into living trees. 

Assortment of hand carved tree bark love notes.

This I heart you message was made to decorate a gift box top.

Silly Clown Dress-Up Game And Vintage Suitcase Reuse

Make your own silly suitcase dress up game- Clownin Around. You should look for an old suitcase to hold the clothing for this game. You also need to find stuff to fill the suitcase. : oversized pants, skirts, hats, shoes, necklaces, shirts, dresses, scarves. Gather unwanted clothing from around the house, ask friends for castoffs, and/ or go to the thrift store or hunt yard sales. Seek out funny cloths like Hawaiian shirts, and “clown” shoes (oversized possibly mismatched).

This clown dress up game is really fun to play at a clown or circus themed party (or any party really).

To play the game: Two contestants at a time compete to put on as much cloths from the suitcase as possible. They must stop when the allotted amount of time has passed. We use the sand timers from other games for this purpose. The one we use most often is a three minute timer. One at a time, the now clowned-up contestant pulls off the cloths and accessories one by one while the others count them. Then the next “clown” takes off his or her extra cloths while others count. Someone will need to keep track of the numbers. Then two new contestants give it a try until everyone has had a turn. The winner is the person who was able to put on the most cloths and accessories in the allotted time. The Clown-tastic winner is…

This game isn’t really so much about winning because the fun is in the playing (and the watching). Have a camera ready!!

These pictures were taken at my daughter’s circus themed party. More about the picture frame here: http://www.funinthemaking.net/2010/05/17/use-an-old-fame-to-frame-a-picture-before-it-is-even-taken/


Make up your own rules and agree to them before starting.

For example: A contestant must have his or her legs in one or both pant leg hole. Shirts must be “worn” by covering your torso or otherwise have both arms in one or both armholes. Scarves must be tied on (anywhere). Hats must be able to stay on when the game stops (head, elbow, whatever).

Or -Have no rules and see what happens!

Salvaged Number Game Tiles Used On Birthday Cake

I wanted to share an idea I had to use number game tiles on a birthday cake. I can’t remember the name of the game that I got these tiles from. (A friend of Fun In The Making reminded me the game’s name is Rummikub.- Thanks Alicia.) Use tiles to put the age of the birthday person. Next time, I might repaint the numbers another color. I got a game second hand and it was missing some of the pieces so I put what I had to use in other ways. More on that in another post.

Dominos might make an attractive addition to your cake if you don’t have any number tiles. And who says you can’t use the tiles, clean them, and then put them back. It doesn’t have to be from a trash bound game.