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Make Your Own Clipboards Out Of Scrap Pieces Of Wood And Reuse The Backs Of Office Paper

To make your own clipboard, you will need to find a thin scrap board. If it isn’t the right size, you will have to cut it to fit standard office paper. If you don’t want to bother cutting your board, ask around until you find something approximately the right size. Paint it with spare paint from your shed or leave it natural. When it dries completely, attach a clip like the one in the photo. The clips can be found at office supply stores.

Clipboards like these have a lot of uses. Drawing is just one.

If you are using your clip board to leave messages you may want to attach a pencil to your clipboard with a piece of string or ribbon. This clipboard was made from the top of a wooden box of liquor and the string was found at a second hand store.

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Bringing The Garden Indoors: White Hydrangea Flowers

Happenings At Our House: July

This morning when I was outside checking for squash and zucchini to harvest, I took time to cut some flowers off my hydrangea bush nearby. This hydrangea that I planted a year or so ago is looking great. No shortage of blooms on it. I can’t locate the tag I got with it but I think I’ve identified it as Hydrangea paniculata. It is so nice to gather a bouquet of flowers that are as clean and fresh as a summer’s day. Corny but true. When landscaping, don’t overlook white flowering plants or underestimate the beauty they add.

TV Pixilator Light Show

This is a fun yet easy thing to make and try out with the kids.
How-2: Collect about 100 toilet paper roll tubes (the number depends on the size of your TV). You might want to ask your friends to help, it really shouldn’t take too long. You will also need a stapler and a cover. The cover can be made of a large piece of velum or any semi transparent paper or plastic (even wax paper or thin white fabric will work). I used a piece of plastic. Staple the tubes together; stapling seems to be the fastest and most secure method of connecting the tubes. Then glue or otherwise attach the cover and it’s ready. The TV Pixilator has the best light show if a bright children’s cartoon or something similar is playing.

Instead of seeing the image on the tv, you will only see spots of colored light.

Does anyone know the science behind this?

The colors going through a tube seem to mix and become one color.

New Year’s Eve Party Décor


These numbers were cut out of previously used pie tins. I think they are made of aluminum actually. The silver numbers add a little sparkle to your buffet table or jazz-up your bar. HOW-2: Find a font you like on your word processor and print out the numbers in the size best suited for your display. Then place the printout on the tin and trace; pushing down so you leave an impression in the tin. Then grab a pair of scissors and cut out. Alternatively, I decided to draw the numbers on free hand. Be as creative as you like. I mounted the numbers on salvaged chopsticks using a glue-gun and displayed them in an arrangement of vases.

Hello World!

I hope you enjoy Fun In the Making where I share some of the projects I am working on. You may or may not notice that there is a subtle theme to my posts. All of the projects use recycled, salvaged and/or re-purposed supplies in part or all of the project. The point being that we don’t have to spend a lot of money to have something really great. Also, I care about the environment (our environment) it makes sense to create something new out of something old; one thing less piling up in our landfills. You will also find posts about gardening or projects utilizing natural or renewable items.

Come back often to see what’s new.

Hester Jane