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Look For Cope’s Gray Treefrog Eggs

Male and female frogs in amplexus. The male is holding on to the female and will fertilize her eggs as she releases them.

Recently (early Aug. 2012) I discovered several cope’s gray treefrogs gathering around the edge of our kiddie pool. They were calling for females. Later that evening I went out to check on them and was excited to find that a female did show up. When I woke up in the morning I found 3 to 5 hundred eggs in the pool. Keep an ear out for these beautiful frogs. Your best bet is at night during or just after it rains.

Another male calls for a mate.

On a side note, if you have an inflatable style kiddie pool and there are treefrogs in your area, make sure you leave in a stick or similar item in the pool providing an exit route. It is not a bad idea to also leave something in that floats: a Frisbee for example. We think of frogs living in ponds but treefrogs live up in trees or in bushes. They can drown in “ponds”. I found several treefrogs that drowned in only 3 inches of water (in a blow-up pool). Sad indeed. All our other “ponds” (made of hard plastic or galvanized metal) never had this happen. Perhaps because the inflatable pool was nearly empty making the sides lean in making it hard for them to get out.

Hurricane Irene Causes Setback

My plan was to post a lot more projects now that the summer fun is over. Unfortunately, mother nature caused a setback to Fun In The Making.

Here is the addition on my house with a tree on it!

Storm damage trashed my studio.

Hope to get back to crafting soon. I’ve got a lot to write about.

Update Your Knowledge About What Is Recyclable Here In St. Mary’s Co. MD

If you live in St. Mary’s County MD, there is a good chance that Waste Management is the company that carries away your trash. All the public schools in St. Mary’s County use this same company. They have a single stream recycling program. Single stream means that you don’t have to sort your recyclables anymore. They all go in one bin. (Let me be clear here: motor oil, clothing and a few other items are still collected separately but the bulk of your recycling will go in one bin. It’s so easy. No more excuses!

You probably knew that soda cans, plastic drink bottles, plastic shopping bags, aluminum foil, and paper are recyclable. But did you know that juice bags, juice boxes, milk and juice boxes from school lunch programs, zip closure bags, plastic utensils, plastic chip bags, and candy wrappers are also collected for recycling?

Local students spread the word about what is recyclable at their schools.

Several students from Leonardtown Middle School in St. Mary’s County MD took pictures of recyclable items and these pictures were used to make posters for several local schools. As a result, recycling at these schools has increased tremendously.

To learn more about this poster project done in support of

For more details about recycling in this area: