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Imaginative Children’s Costumes Made Of Unwanted Sweaters


Seven year old designer, Jade, modeling her latest creation.

Children will have a blast creating their own costumes out of unwanted sweaters. Jade made this super fun Dude-A-Wild Thing costume by cutting up sweaters. When she had things just the way she wanted them, she hand-sewed the pieces back together. Even the eye is made from cut up sweater fabric. She got her costume inspiration from a stuffed creature I made from sweaters. My inspiration ironically was from her. When she was smaller she would always draw charming critters that she called Dude-A-Bobs.

This is another great way to encourage your children to use their creativity and to learn to sew. If the stitching isn’t perfect, not a problem!

Children’s Apron Made From Recycled Dress


My ten year old daughter had an idea to reuse a dress that she outgrew. She wanted to make it into an apron for cooking, messy art projects, or whatever. She cut up the center back and then used a sewing machine to finish the raw edges. Ideally you would choose an old dress that already had some sort of tie in the back. Otherwise, you could be creative and cut something from another dress or use a ribbon. This would make an excellent beginner sewing project with unlimited variations.

To see my vintage inspired apron made from a second-hand dress, click here.