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Attract Butterflies By Putting Out Fruit Scraps

This time of year we find ourselves enjoying fruit like only the summer provides. When we are done, we like to leave some for the butterflies. We learned this trick by accident years ago when my children were small. Our scraps brought unexpected visitors: butterflies of striking beauty.

We love to watch the butterflies that are attracted to rotting fruit.

Apparently when a piece of fruit begins to rot, some butterflies like to “drink up”. This viceroy butterfly uses its proboscis to suck up some of the watermelon’s sweet goodness.

I have many fun memories of butterfly watching with my kids. It will never get old. (This picture was taken years ago.)

Interesting Caterpillar Found: Curve-lined Owlet

I discovered this interesting caterpillar while doing yard work last summer. It was on a smilax plant (also called a greenbrier). I love the tendril-like projections on the curve-lined owlet (Phyprosopus callitrichoides). The neatest part is when they hold on with their anterior prolegs and dangle like a dead leaf. (see bottom photo)

Photo taken in June.

Photos taken one week later.