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Update Your Knowledge About What Is Recyclable Here In St. Mary’s Co. MD

If you live in St. Mary’s County MD, there is a good chance that Waste Management is the company that carries away your trash. All the public schools in St. Mary’s County use this same company. They have a single stream recycling program. Single stream means that you don’t have to sort your recyclables anymore. They all go in one bin. (Let me be clear here: motor oil, clothing and a few other items are still collected separately but the bulk of your recycling will go in one bin. It’s so easy. No more excuses!

You probably knew that soda cans, plastic drink bottles, plastic shopping bags, aluminum foil, and paper are recyclable. But did you know that juice bags, juice boxes, milk and juice boxes from school lunch programs, zip closure bags, plastic utensils, plastic chip bags, and candy wrappers are also collected for recycling?

Local students spread the word about what is recyclable at their schools.

Several students from Leonardtown Middle School in St. Mary’s County MD took pictures of recyclable items and these pictures were used to make posters for several local schools. As a result, recycling at these schools has increased tremendously.

To learn more about this poster project done in support of

For more details about recycling in this area:

Local group works for a better planet

Several local middle school students are gathering on 10/10/10 for a work party in support of 350. These students calling themselves Teens for a Better Planet are making recycling posters to be placed in three local schools and several environmental education centers in St. Mary’s County, MD. The posters will serve to educate other students and visitors about recyclable materials. It will include commonly known items like plastic bottles and cans, but also include little known recyclables like plastic wrap and chip bags. These students want to encourage as much recycling as possible to prevent the waste of resources and to reduce the load on landfills (among other reasons). As more types of materials are accepted for recycling, it is important that the information be passed on to the public.

On 10/10/10, in every corner of the globe, people will implement solutions to the climate crisis. Other groups around the world will be installing solar panels, making community gardens, wind turbines and bike workshops. To learn more about 350, go to

Green Southern Maryland: A Local Source For All Things Green

Do you live in Maryland? If so Check out My husband made this useful site. Want to volunteer your time to a local environmental group, join others on a kayak trip, or live more sustainably? is a great place to find out what is happening in our community.

Think Globally, Act Locally!

Green Southern Maryland

Green Southern Maryland promotes environmental awareness within the Southern Maryland region of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties by providing environmental news, a calendar of events, a directory of green organizations and businesses, discussion forums and more.

Fun InThe Making Attending Earth Day Celebration In Leonardtown MD On April 18th 2010

Visit the Fun In the Making booth at the Earth Day celebration in Leonardtown Maryland (For more information call 301-475-9791) on April 18thanytime between 12:30 to 4:30pm. Have a nice afternoon enjoying the other fun activities like the free kayak rides but be sure to stop by and see us.

Our fee craft will be coin necklaces. I’d love for you to come and make yourself one. Lovely disks were cut from tree branches and a hole is pre-drilled. Pick out your favorite tree coin and add some yarn or string. They are lovely plain or you can decorate with stamps or personalize it with a “green” message in honor of earth day.

We will be located across the street from The Hair Company (on the grassy island).

Hope to see you there!

Hester Jane

Earth Day 2009: Happy Earth Day!

Fun In The Making joined the Earth Day celebration in Leonardtown Maryland in the historic town center. I had a display set up with lots of examples of eco-friendly projects and craft ideas. It was fun to inspire people to be creative and to reuse. The day was nice and I enjoyed meeting all of you who came by my table.

The Owls were there too. The Owls is the name of the kids’ environmental club my daughter started last year but hadn’t named until this year. This was the second year that they were at Earth Day, helping children make free egg-heads with grass hair. The egg-head project was a big hit with the kids! The Owls were also raising money for WWF adopt an animal program. They sold heirloom tomato seedlings and collected donations. This year they (the 5 attending Owls) decided to raise money for the polar bears. After a last minute donation, the girls reached their goal of $50. Good work girls!

Some Owls (a kid's environmental club) Earthday 2009
Two Owl members.

happy egg-head crafters
Two proud crafters.

Want to know how to make these cute egg heads with grass hair?