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Home-made Witch’s Broom for Halloween Costume Prop or Décor

Witch Broom Against Tree

This super easy to make witch’s broom is made of a tree branch (the handle) and thin branches that were collected after a bush was pruned. The broom in the picture is made of the reddish wood of a silky dogwood bush. All I did was gather the twigs, trim them to a similar length and tie them to the broom handle. Perfect for a costume or for Halloween decorating.

Witch Broom leaning against old barn

Table of Gross: Halloween Décor

Table of Gross Fear of books, pins and snakes

Our guests are delightfully creeped out by our display of gross nature stuff. We call this display, Table of Gross and guests must face their fears!

Table of Gross Fear of Spiders, dirt and germs


Table of Gross Fear of insects


Table-of-GrossFear of Birds and Clocks


There are normal fears, obscure fears, and silly fears.

Rhino Beetles In Bowl

Please note that nothing was killed for this display. Not even these Rhino beetles.

Don’t forget to add dead flowers to your display.

I recommend you glue the jars shut.


Abandoned House Look For Halloween Party

Cover your furniture with sheets! This gives your house the mystique that it is one that hasn’t been lived in for a while. Like back in the day when people had summer homes and the house keepers would cover the furniture with cloth while the house wasn’t being used. Perhaps it had been years since it was last lived in. Perhaps the whole family had died and the house awaited new residents. This is a quick way to set the mood for Halloween at your house too.
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Festive Halloween Tree Made From A Contorted Filbert

Well the down side is that my Lauder’s Walking stick, also called a contorted filbert, finally died this year due to the filbert blight (Anisogramma anomata). On the up side, I was able to use some of the bush to make a neat Halloween tree. I think it looks so cool. I “planted” it in a pot, added rocks to hold the stem in place, and decorated it with paper bats. I love the twisted branches!
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Jar Of Opossum Bones: Halloween Décor

This jar of opossum bones is appropriate for Halloween décor; don’t you think? This is the month we choose to display gross/ cool science things like this.

Want some real icky bones for display? If you live in or near the woods, you might also come across a dead animal. You can cover it with chicken wire or something to prevent it from being carried away in the night. I covered the body of this opossum with a metal milk crate. I weighted down the top with bricks. Nature will take care of decomposing all but the bones. It won’t take long. (I’m not at all suggesting that you kill an animal just to have the bones! Also, there are laws against having migrating bird parts of any kind; even if the cat brought it in.)

You might even come across some bones, a skull, or a turtle shell- and dead bugs (plenty of ick appeal).

Strangely, this dead opossum was on my driveway one morning. Not sure what killed it.

I think the skull and teeth of this opossum are particularly interesting- and gross.

Whenever we have young guests over, they have a good time checking out all the weird things we have displayed in jars. Perhaps I’ll share more pictures in another post- including: the bones of a diamondback terrapin that I found (apparently it was trapped behind where rocks are placed along the shoreline to prevent (naturally occurring) erosion, a petrified mouse, snake skin, deer teeth from a road kill…

Too gross?