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Resizing A Skirt: Down Sizing Made Easy

Here is a simple way to re-size a skirt that is too big.

Use a seam ripper to open up the seam (on the inside of the skirt), near the top. Open the seam on the other end as well. Many skirts have a band around the top. This band will become a channel for a cord. Use a safety pin to thread the cord (or ribbon or shoe lace…) through the channel. Use a few small stitches to tack the cord to the channel about midway along. This prevents the chord from working its way out when washing. The chord can be tightened to fit perfectly to your waist size.

The bow should be on the inside of the skirt once zipped up.

I admit that when I’m at thrift shops and second-hand stores looking for items to re-purpose, I sometimes find a fun skirt (often too big) that I like. This skirt is one such find.

Skirts are comfortable to wear when the weather is nice and I like having some that I can wear in the garden or on the beach and not care about getting dirty.

This is useful if you lost weight or you got some nice skirts from a friend…

Avoid Using Disposable Cups: Personalized mugs

Having a party but don’t want to use disposable cups? At Kid parties at our house, we sometimes let guests write directly on the mug or cup with a Sharpie. Because they can identify their cup throughout the party, this eliminates the need to dirty another cup. Believe it or not, the ink scrubs off without much effort: use a scouring pad.

Salvaged Number Game Tiles Used On Birthday Cake

I wanted to share an idea I had to use number game tiles on a birthday cake. I can’t remember the name of the game that I got these tiles from. (A friend of Fun In The Making reminded me the game’s name is Rummikub.- Thanks Alicia.) Use tiles to put the age of the birthday person. Next time, I might repaint the numbers another color. I got a game second hand and it was missing some of the pieces so I put what I had to use in other ways. More on that in another post.

Dominos might make an attractive addition to your cake if you don’t have any number tiles. And who says you can’t use the tiles, clean them, and then put them back. It doesn’t have to be from a trash bound game.

Re-Use A Frozen Vegetable Bag For A Sandwich Bag

Reduce waste!

Here is an idea. Why not reuse the plastic bags that your frozen vegetables come in? After eating the vegetables, simply cut one end off the bag with a pair of scissors. Then rinse out the bag and you’re good to go. The bags can also be washed out with soap and water and used again. Eventually, you will recycle the bag.

You will need some way to hold the bag closed. I have these clips (see photo) but paperclips will work too.

Reduce the amount of plastic you use by reusing something you already have. Works well too!