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Trash Song Music Video: An Anti-littering Song

I want to share this really cool anti-littering video made by my activist daughters Sage (15) and Jade (12). Lyrics were written and performed by Jade. The instrumental composition was created and recorded by Doug Smith. Sage filmed and edited the video.

Jade was inspired by the efforts of her grandmother Louise, who came up with the term OPG (Other People’s Garbage) and has been picking up OPG along the Gulf Coast of FL for her whole adult life.

We all need to take pride in our natural areas and “pick it up, pick it up.”

-Hester Jane

Photography And Videography By Children: Blue Dasher Grooming

Nature photography and videography is fun for children: not just adults. It’s a great way to merge art and science. Consider getting a camera. More likely you or they already have one. So get out there and have a look around and bring a camera.

This female blue dasher was rescued from a little kid’s pool by my younger daughter while my older daughter made this video.

This is a really neat video of a female blue dasher dragonfly grooming itself. Look how its head amazingly turns around.

Wow, the cool things we’ll see if we only take the time to notice.

How to Make Watermelon Teeth: An Amusing summertime Activity

My children were taught how to make watermelon teeth years ago when they were still little. Their grandma carved the watermelon rinds and showed how to put it into your mouth. We thought it was funny then and we still find it funny now. So fun to do with family and friends! All you need is a watermelon and a knife.

When you are done eating a slice of water melon, don’t just toss the rind; make watermelon teeth! They are also called Billy Bob Teeth.

After eating the sweet red part of the watermelon, cut off the green part as well.

Cut the center of the mouth, as well as, vertical lines to make the teeth.

You may need to carve the rind a bit to make it fit.

Make top dentures only for an overbite look or sport a full set.

Attract Butterflies By Putting Out Fruit Scraps

This time of year we find ourselves enjoying fruit like only the summer provides. When we are done, we like to leave some for the butterflies. We learned this trick by accident years ago when my children were small. Our scraps brought unexpected visitors: butterflies of striking beauty.

We love to watch the butterflies that are attracted to rotting fruit.

Apparently when a piece of fruit begins to rot, some butterflies like to “drink up”. This viceroy butterfly uses its proboscis to suck up some of the watermelon’s sweet goodness.

I have many fun memories of butterfly watching with my kids. It will never get old. (This picture was taken years ago.)

Crazy Arms Feeding Game: Kid Party Fun

Are the kids looking for something to do this summer? This Crazy Arms Feeding Game is very entertaining and it doesn’t require you to spend a lot for supplies. You probably already have what you need to play.

To set it up, you will need to have a chair for someone (The Arms) to sit on. Another person (The Eater) will sit on their lap. You will need to find a very large dress to cover both The Eater and The Arms as in the picture. I used this brightly printed dress/ smock that I found at a thrift store. I cut it straight up the back and attached a string to each side of the neck (in the back) to hold it closed. You also need some food, napkin, drink… Things like pudding are fun (because they are messy)! Consider your location when choosing food and drink. You don’t want to have grape juice over the new carpet. Outside is always a good choice. Also, remember that a plastic or paper cup would be safer than a glass cup. You don’t want to hurt the eater.

So much fun to play at parties!!!