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Crazy Arms Feeding Game: Kid Party Fun

Are the kids looking for something to do this summer? This Crazy Arms Feeding Game is very entertaining and it doesn’t require you to spend a lot for supplies. You probably already have what you need to play.

To set it up, you will need to have a chair for someone (The Arms) to sit on. Another person (The Eater) will sit on their lap. You will need to find a very large dress to cover both The Eater and The Arms as in the picture. I used this brightly printed dress/ smock that I found at a thrift store. I cut it straight up the back and attached a string to each side of the neck (in the back) to hold it closed. You also need some food, napkin, drink… Things like pudding are fun (because they are messy)! Consider your location when choosing food and drink. You don’t want to have grape juice over the new carpet. Outside is always a good choice. Also, remember that a plastic or paper cup would be safer than a glass cup. You don’t want to hurt the eater.

So much fun to play at parties!!!

First Southern Maryland Chicken Coop Tour 2012

We were a part of the 1st Southern Maryland Chicken Coop Tour (Saturday, 10-2pm). A great way to learn about chicken breeds, housing, and more from experienced chicken owners. We had a fantastic day. The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people. It was also fun to show off our newly hatched chicks. By coincidence they hatched out the night before.

Jade shows off chick.

Our rooster looks in the window at the hen and her chicks.

For more information about future tours contact Christina Allen 301-862-3421 or request to be on the mailing list: