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Trash Song Music Video: An Anti-littering Song

I want to share this really cool anti-littering video made by my activist daughters Sage (15) and Jade (12). Lyrics were written and performed by Jade. The instrumental composition was created and recorded by Doug Smith. Sage filmed and edited the video.

Jade was inspired by the efforts of her grandmother Louise, who came up with the term OPG (Other People’s Garbage) and has been picking up OPG along the Gulf Coast of FL for her whole adult life.

We all need to take pride in our natural areas and “pick it up, pick it up.”

-Hester Jane

Abandoned House Look For Halloween Party

Cover your furniture with sheets! This gives your house the mystique that it is one that hasn’t been lived in for a while. Like back in the day when people had summer homes and the house keepers would cover the furniture with cloth while the house wasn’t being used. Perhaps it had been years since it was last lived in. Perhaps the whole family had died and the house awaited new residents. This is a quick way to set the mood for Halloween at your house too.
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Festive Halloween Tree Made From A Contorted Filbert

Well the down side is that my Lauder’s Walking stick, also called a contorted filbert, finally died this year due to the filbert blight (Anisogramma anomata). On the up side, I was able to use some of the bush to make a neat Halloween tree. I think it looks so cool. I “planted” it in a pot, added rocks to hold the stem in place, and decorated it with paper bats. I love the twisted branches!
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Redbacked Salamander Found In Southern NH Yard

I found this Redbacked Salamander while visiting NH recently. I found this guy after only about 5 minutes of searching. I’m told they are not hard to find if you look in the right place: he was under a rock. I released it after a brief photo shoot.

This salamander is called a Northern Redback Salamander, as well as, an Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus). It can also be found in Maryland but I haven’t found one here yet.

Note the four toes in the back and the three in the front.

Photography And Videography By Children: Blue Dasher Grooming

Nature photography and videography is fun for children: not just adults. It’s a great way to merge art and science. Consider getting a camera. More likely you or they already have one. So get out there and have a look around and bring a camera.

This female blue dasher was rescued from a little kid’s pool by my younger daughter while my older daughter made this video.

This is a really neat video of a female blue dasher dragonfly grooming itself. Look how its head amazingly turns around.

Wow, the cool things we’ll see if we only take the time to notice.