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Clipboard Clips Made Nicer With Salvaged Pictures From Magazines and Junk Mail

You can choose to add a picture to your clip. This picture of a fox was too cute to put in the recycle bin. Cut to size and glue it on. Seed catalogs are also a good source of attractive images.

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Make Your Own Clipboards Out Of Leftover Laminate Flooring

This clipboard was made from left-over laminate flooring. Do you know someone doing some home improvement? Find a good piece and attach a clip like the one in the photo. The clips can be found at office supply stores. Reuse one-sided paper: here the paper was cut in half to make a smaller sized stack.

Also see: Adding pictures to clips, clipboards made from scrap wood, and using clipboards to display children’s artwork.

Make Your Own Clipboards Out Of Scrap Pieces Of Wood And Reuse The Backs Of Office Paper

To make your own clipboard, you will need to find a thin scrap board. If it isn’t the right size, you will have to cut it to fit standard office paper. If you don’t want to bother cutting your board, ask around until you find something approximately the right size. Paint it with spare paint from your shed or leave it natural. When it dries completely, attach a clip like the one in the photo. The clips can be found at office supply stores.

Clipboards like these have a lot of uses. Drawing is just one.

If you are using your clip board to leave messages you may want to attach a pencil to your clipboard with a piece of string or ribbon. This clipboard was made from the top of a wooden box of liquor and the string was found at a second hand store.

Also see: Adding pictures to clipboard clips, salvaged laminate flooring clipboards, and using clipboards to display children’s artwork.


Home-made Salsa Made From Fresh Straight-From-The-Garden Ingredients

Happenings At Our House: Summer

It smells good, looks good, and tastes good.
Home-made salsa has to be one of my favorite edibles in the summer. I really look forward to the time of year, with the help of the sun, tomatoes ripen. Most of the ingredients for this tomato salsa come straight from my garden: tomatoes, onions, parsley (provided by my kid’s garden), garlic (friend’s garden), and hot peppers. A splash of olive oil and a lemon are the only store-boughts. Perhaps I’ll get a lemon tree someday, but I’m going to wait to see how well my lime tree grows first.

My Fresh Tomato Salsa

6 or more large ripe plum tomatoes or garden fresh beefsteak tomatoes (Whatever is ripe in your garden)
¼ cup chopped onions
¼ cup chopped fresh parsley (I prefer parsley over cilantro.)
1 large clove of garlic, minced
1 jalapeño pepper, minced
1 tablespoon olive oil -optional
2 or more teaspoons fresh lemon juice
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
I hesitate to write amounts here. Taste it then add more of this and a bit more of that. This is art.

1. Cut the tomatoes in half lengthwise. Dice and place in a medium-size bowl.
Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl. I sometimes add a can of organic black beans and/ or some organic frozen sweet corn. Let sit in the refrigerator overnight so flavors can mix. Serve with tortilla chips and refrigerate leftovers.

I make it just the way I like it. Go and make some just the way you like it!

Bringing The Garden Indoors: White Hydrangea Flowers

Happenings At Our House: July

This morning when I was outside checking for squash and zucchini to harvest, I took time to cut some flowers off my hydrangea bush nearby. This hydrangea that I planted a year or so ago is looking great. No shortage of blooms on it. I can’t locate the tag I got with it but I think I’ve identified it as Hydrangea paniculata. It is so nice to gather a bouquet of flowers that are as clean and fresh as a summer’s day. Corny but true. When landscaping, don’t overlook white flowering plants or underestimate the beauty they add.