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Halloween Party Favor Gift Boxes

Halloween party favor gift boxes

Make your own unique gift boxes for your Halloween party. You’re sure to get complements on these clever boxes made from vintage text books and encyclopedias.

How to:

Search for old school text books. Look for interesting vintage books that only use a few colors like the one used in the photo above. Books that are entirely done in black and white would also be great. You should be able to find some really cheap.

Find the sections on the skeletal system, the nervous system, the human heart and anything else that has to do with bones, blood and innards or any kind.

To fold the boxes, see my post: How To Fold Origami Gift Boxes: Easy To Follow Photo Instructions

Do Not Forget To Save Your Colored Paper Scrapes for Future Projects

Tray of scrap colored paper for eco-crafting

Saving scraps of colored paper saves resources and saves money. When doing a craft project involving colored paper, collect the paper scrapes and save them in a box or tray for future use. Whenever you need a piece of colored paper, first look in your scrap colored paper tray (or box) and see if there is one the right size. Only if you can’t find what you need there do you get a new piece of paper.

Up-cycle A Plastic Paint Bucket Into A Fun Halloween Trick or Treat Pail

Halloween Candy pail made from paint buckets

Here is a chance to make use of the paint buckets from your last home-improvement project. Transform them into playful Trick or Treat pails!

How to:

All you need is some black plastic paint buckets, some scrap paper, scissors, glue and some clever kids.

Try making a ghost, Jack O Lantern, scary or scared face, and even a Frank N Stein head.

Cut out the face(s) from scrap paper if you can. Use full sheets of paper only when you need them. We keep a box of colored paper scrapes leftover from other projects. Glue the pieces on with white glue or use Mod Podge. Next, paint on a layer of Mod Podge or equivalent product to help protect your creation so it can be used year after year.

My daughter liked making these Halloween themed pails with me.

If you’d like, add some text like I did. I provided the file here: just print it out and incorporate it as desired.

Crazy about candy

Save And Reuse Fast Food Paper Bags To Pack A Lunch Another Day

Reuse fast food paper bag to pack your own lunch

Here is a simple idea. Have you ever thought about saving that perfectly re-useable paper bag you got at a fast food place? Not always but sometimes that fast food bag is clean. Should you just throw it away after using it for a total of five minutes (sometimes less)? It just seems wrong to waste.

Instead, save it to pack a lunch one day. I prefer reusable lunch boxes but sometimes you can’t pack in a lunch box because of bulk, like when hiking etc..

Always look for ways to reuse.

…and when appropriate, tell them to skip the bag.

Flower Centerpiece: Milk bottle Vases in Weathered Canning Jar Lifter

Milk bottle Vases in a canning jar lifter

I found this weathered canning jar lifter and was happily surprised to find that the milk bottles that I saved fit perfectly. Of course I thought of a vase centerpiece. The first time I tried this, I used daisies from my wildflower garden and I liked the look even better.  Regardless of the flowers: charming.