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Playing Card Streamers

Using a sewing machine, simply sew down the middle of a playing card. When you reach the end of one card, add another. Do not cut the thread; rather keep sewing to form long streamers. I used a deck that was missing a few cards. Why use new cards when you can use an incomplete deck. If you know people with kids, chances are someone has a deck with a card missing.

I used these card streamers for décor at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party but they can also be used for a Poker party.

Eastern Wormsnake: A Fun Snake To Find

I disturbed this Eastern worm snake Carphophis amoenus amoenus when arranging soil in my garden beds. I see a few of these each year here in Southern Maryland. They are non-venomous and do not bite.

They spend their time in the soil, rotten logs, leaf piles etc. You are not likely to see one slither across your lawn.

My daughter holds this wiggly Eastern worm snake while I snap a few pictures then she takes some with my hands in the photos.  It was less than 8 inches long.

Check out the tail on this worm looking snake: it is pointy and helps it burrow into the soil.

(Be sure of the identity of any snake before handling. Ask an adult to help.)

Mad Hatters Tea Party: Half A Cup Of Tea?

Sometimes a person only wants a half cup of tea. You need a special cup for this in Wonderland. I thought this would be an amusing addition to my Mad Hatter’s Tea party.

This is my cup of tea: creative, fun…

This cup was originally part of a night light that I got second-hand. I simply detached it from the light bulb: carefully. Then I used some bathroom calk to “glue” the half cup to a saucer. You can actually glue it if you prefer but I wanted the option to easily make it back into a night light.

Woodland Vole in Maryland Yard

The woodland vole, Microtus pinetorum, is very common around my house in Maryland. They spend most their time in tunnel systems close to the soil surface.

I feel bad for the little guys that often become food for my cat. In the picture is a woodland vole that I rescued after my cat brought it inside to play with. Honestly, I’m trying to discourage such behavior in my cats (the bringing inside). There seems to be no shortage of voles around.

I was always unsure what kind of critter was digging those tunnels in my yard. After a little research I now think I can tell the difference between the woodland voles (83 -120mm long including tail) and the meadow voles (128 -195mm) both found in Maryland. These woodland voles are smaller and have a shorter tail (15 to 40mm). Meadow voles have tails that are about 40% of their body length.

Moss Filled Tea Cup: Party Table Decoration

I wanted a little more green on the table for my Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Because it was early March, there wasn’t a lot to choose from growing outside. I did however; find moss growing in some spots around my house. So here are the inexpensive yet pretty moss teacups I made.

I used second-hand tea cups. I choose cups from our collection that were the most worn and would be the least likely to be used for drinking tea. I filled them with potting soil then I dug up a circular clump of moss. Moss doesn’t have deep roots like other plants so you don’t have to dig up much soil with the moss. I then arranged the moss on top and watered it. Be careful not to over water. Mist regularly!

So simple and pretty.