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Fun in the Making’s New Look

New Fun in the Making Theme

I hope you enjoy the new look of Fun in the Making. The new theme enhances the user experience on mobile platforms. It has been many years since the Fun in the Making blog launched, and in that time, much has changed with the web. Fun in the Making has increasingly been visited by the global community on mobile devices and it was not an optimal experience on their smaller screens. It was time for a redesign to ensure Fun in the Making’s rich content was accessible across a wide range of screen size and resolutions. Fun in the Making’s new look is derived from the latest 2012 Theme. It is a mobile first, responsive design that adjusts the content to match the viewport of the computer or device that Fun in the Making is being viewed on. Although we customized some of the theme’s layout and style, the full credit for this theme goes to the WordPress organization for providing a strong, modern foundation from which to extend.

Chris Burch,
Fun in the Making Chief Technology Officer :)

Hello World!

I hope you enjoy Fun In the Making where I share some of the projects I am working on. You may or may not notice that there is a subtle theme to my posts. All of the projects use recycled, salvaged and/or re-purposed supplies in part or all of the project. The point being that we don’t have to spend a lot of money to have something really great. Also, I care about the environment (our environment) it makes sense to create something new out of something old; one thing less piling up in our landfills. You will also find posts about gardening or projects utilizing natural or renewable items.

Come back often to see what’s new.

Hester Jane