Frog Hunting in Maryland: Have Fun Searching for Spring Peepers

Spring peepers are noisy little frogs. You can hear them calling their mates early in the spring. A fun thing to do is to go out on a warm spring evening after a rain and look for them. Bring a flashlight and continue looking after dark. All you have to do is follow the sound!

See the dark x on its back? This mark will help you distinguish a spring peeper from other frogs.

Spring peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) calling

Learn more about spring peepers at this website from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources:

Spring Peeper Size Comparison with garden hose I love these little frogs! Look at the skin under its chin. You can see the folds of extra skin needed for its vocal sack.Spring Peeper Climbs rusty garden stake

Spring Peeper PeeksThis is a male spring frog we found one evening by following the sound of its blasting call.

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