Cute Foam Peanut Snow Swags

Foam Peanut Swags decor closeup

Make it snow inside with homemade snow swags. This project using salvaged packing peanuts is so easy that even young children can do it with supervision. Use a large blunt needle and some white string. I used salvaged string that I removed from pet food bags before recycling. I’m referring to the white stitching that is on some cat and dog food bags. Sometime the chicken food that I buy has this string as well. Waste not want not – as the saying goes. Simply string the “peanuts” until you have the desired amount on. Then tie off the ends.Foam Peanut Snow decor on chandelier

We hung some “snow” swags around the chandelier while anxiously waiting for it to snow this winter.

Create a winter wonderland. Foam peanut snow swags would also be cool décor for a winter wonderland prom theme. -bonus that the materials wouldn’t cost anything!

These “snow” swags are really charming on a child’s Christmas tree as well.

Foam peanuts are commonly made of expanded polystyrene foam. Though I don’t endorse the use of these, I do encourage the reuse of them. Reuse them for their original use (shipping stuff), reuse in crafts, or recycle if available.


One thought on “Cute Foam Peanut Snow Swags

  1. AnneVachalek

    What a beautiful reuse of peanuts and dog food bag string! I would have never thought of this. So clever and beautiful….and FREE! Kuddos to you!

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