Abandoned House Look For Halloween Party

Cover your furniture with sheets! This gives your house the mystique that it is one that hasn’t been lived in for a while. Like back in the day when people had summer homes and the house keepers would cover the furniture with cloth while the house wasn’t being used. Perhaps it had been years since it was last lived in. Perhaps the whole family had died and the house awaited new residents. This is a quick way to set the mood for Halloween at your house too.

I used old white sheets. Many I picked up second hand.

I left this dress form out with a tattered white dress for a ghostly feel. I also like to display this thrift store candelabra.

I also made curtains from sheets. I wanted them to look tattered and worn. Hand rip near the bottom edge. Repeated washings help fray raw edges. These need a bit more wear. (They look better with age.)

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