Visit to The Audubon Camp on Hog Island 2012

I was lucky enough to attend a five day workshop for environmental educators on Hog Island in Maine. Hog Island is amazing! My trip was wonderful: great people, staff, food, weather, and wildlife viewing. The accommodations were quant: it was very “New England” and I loved it. I made many friends.

I learned a lot from the camp’s accomplished staff. They shared their many talents with us: birds, insects, sea life, and geology to name a few. During my time alone, exploring this gorgeous island, I discovered many new plants, insects, and of course, birds. On the boat trips, I was delighted to see several birds that I had never seen before, such as, Atlantic puffins and black guillemots. I was also thrilled in seeing harbor seals for the first time. So cool!!

Thank you to the Southern Maryland Audubon Society for funding my tuition to the Audubon camp on Hog Island (July 2012); it was fantastic! Did I mention how great it was?

I highly recommend you plan your own trip! It doesn’t matter if you are new to birding or an advanced birder, there is always more to learn and the staff is happy for you to come and learn at your own pace. If you enjoy nature, you are sure to love it here. They offer camps on ornithology, seabird conservation and even have a family camp. Hog Island is the perfect location for such workshops.

Learn more about the Audubon camp on Hog Island and the Programs they offer here.

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