How to Make Watermelon Teeth: An Amusing summertime Activity

My children were taught how to make watermelon teeth years ago when they were still little. Their grandma carved the watermelon rinds and showed how to put it into your mouth. We thought it was funny then and we still find it funny now. So fun to do with family and friends! All you need is a watermelon and a knife.

When you are done eating a slice of water melon, don’t just toss the rind; make watermelon teeth! They are also called Billy Bob Teeth.

After eating the sweet red part of the watermelon, cut off the green part as well.

Cut the center of the mouth, as well as, vertical lines to make the teeth.

You may need to carve the rind a bit to make it fit.

Make top dentures only for an overbite look or sport a full set.

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