Unknown Baby Birds Found In Maryland

Apparently, these baby birds were found in a nest that was built on the ground. I think they could be a whip-poor will or chuck will’s widow because they nest on the ground. The picture also shows the elongated wings. Anyone a bird expert?

7 thoughts on “Unknown Baby Birds Found In Maryland

  1. Kathy Bolton

    I think they/it is a baby Robin. It looks like what I remember seeing asa girl growing up in Ohio.

  2. jane Post author

    If you look up starling baby bird pictures you will see that starlings have a distinctive yellowish beak. I think we need to keep searching. Thanks for commenting.
    Best, Hester Jane

  3. jane Post author

    Hi Kathy, Although this bird has some similarities, I’m pretty sure it is not a robin. The breast feathers would be developing an orange-ish look. I think we will have to searching. Also they were found in a nest on the ground. Thanks.

  4. Susan

    I’m going to try again, check out this wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Starling it talks about beak color of juviniles and has a picture in the description. These birds nest in our tree every year and it sure does look like a starling and I know that beak color can change between the sexes. Ofcourse I can’t see the true size of the bird so I could be wrong. Are there any parents still feeding it, it might be the only way you could tell forsure. If it is a starling the nest could be made out of grasses, straw, string, trash, they are not usually very neat looking.

  5. Susan V.

    It is definitely not a baby startling- the are an overall grayish-brown with a black beak when they are young. I could send you a pic of a young startling if you would like. They come to our suet feeder every day.

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