Give Away: Cool Can Constellation Lantern

Deadline is March 12th 2012 (midnight)

To win this handmade lantern, all you have to do is comment on this post. Please limit yourself to one comment per e-mail address. (Click the comment button below the post title.)

This is one of the lanterns I made; it has the constellation Hercules on one side and Orion on the other. I came up with this idea after experimenting with luminaries made with patterns of holes that allow light to spill out. I thought that if I made them with constellations; my kids would want to learn them and they would have an easier time doing it. Plus they’re so neat. It’s working.

Good Luck!

Learn more about how I made this lantern here.

I’ll randomly pick a winner and send an e-mail on March 12th 2012. I’ll need the winner to respond and provide a name and address to be used for mailing purposes.

If you live in the United States, I’ll also pay for shipping. If not, you will need to cover the shipping cost.

I’ll carefully pack it up and send it right out to you. Expect a clean but reused box and packing materials (no surprise there).

6 thoughts on “Give Away: Cool Can Constellation Lantern

  1. adrienne

    My kids’ are space junkies. They’re so excited to drive to a rural observatory (made from an old barn silo) and peer into the great beyond.

    Thanks for the tutorial! This is a great project for space-minded kids and school science groups.

  2. Jennifer

    This is too cool. Just learned about your website and love all your neat ideas. Plenty of inspiration, please keep the ideas coming. And I would love to share this great lantern with my son.

  3. CW

    This is really neat. My boys would love it. They are 6 & 8 years-old and are really into science and looking at the little dipper and the sky at night.

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