Osage-orange Ball Craft

Have fun making moody osage-orange guys. Collect natural materials such as cherry stems, beans, acorns and other seeds… Mix and match to create amusing characters.

An osage-orange (Maclura pomifera)  is a tree not native to Maryland but can be found growing here. My husband remembers having wars with his friends; they would throw them at each other. Boys!

I call this one the Grinch.

I call this one Oscar the Grouch.

I call this one Dude.

One thought on “Osage-orange Ball Craft

  1. jessica

    we use those here in ohio, for keeping spiders and insects out of our houses. placed in newspaper and put in corners of house is great to stop spiders from coming in but we call them hedge apples here. i am not sure what they actually are though. they are every where here. people have to have them hauled off sometimes cause there is too many… i was told they are poisonous to eat or for an animal too eat. but that’s what keeps the spiders away! cute idea too!

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