Fun In the Making Summer “green” craft and sew workshop July 5th -8th (9am to 2pm)

Students should bring a packed lunch daily.

Spaces still available for this workshop. For students going into 2nd grade or higher.

Students will make

• a reversible apron out of project leftover fabric or recycled tablecloth, curtain or any other suitable fabric (provided by student). Or students will make an apron out of a dress that they out-grew. Sleeveless dresses work best.

• pottery bowls the way Indians did out of local clay. It is recommended that students wear old cloths early in the week while doing pottery.

• home-made stamps and use them to recycle a paper bag into a beautiful book cover. These are great for nature journal covers.

• a garden weaving used to decorate one’s garden (Garden Art) or students can choose to make a dream catcher (A Native American craft used to stop bad dreams).

• a feather pen and practice calligraphy. They will also make an envelope guide used to neatly address envelopes.

• fabric flower pins. Students will sew attractive flowers to be used to enhance a purse, dress, blouse, or even a headband.

On Friday afternoon, students will have a party. There will be a life sized tipi.

Other workshop dates: Aug 8th -12th and Aug 15th-19th.

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