Green Tree Frog In Southern Maryland

Green tree frog (Hyla cinerea)

Here is another amphibian that lives around my house in Southern Maryland. It was outside my kitchen window at night. It was attracted to the gathering of insects lured by the light inside the house.

Don’t you just love tree frogs?

3 thoughts on “Green Tree Frog In Southern Maryland

  1. DorkyDeb

    Cool! Yes, I love them too!
    We are raising a bunch of tadpoles this year with the kids. It’s been so much fun. Some of them are starting to turn into frogs now. I’ve done it before, but doing it with my kids just makes it that much more fun.

    We made a little spot we call “The Tadpole Hole” (because it’s too small to call it a pond – LOL) and it’s attracted it’s fair share of additional visitors. We’ve had a little tree frog hanging around near by it some days. Sometimes he calls so loudly at night that we can hear him in the house. I haven’t tried to look up what kind he is yet. He’s not a green tree frog. I’ve took tons of photos, but just had too much other stuff going on to update my nature blog yet.

  2. DK

    So cute and awesome! I was halfheartedly scrolling through my reader just now and when I got to this photo I stopped and a big, silly grin came on my face. I love tree frogs and this was needed right now. Thanks for sharing :)

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