Garden Plant Labels Made From Aluminum Pull Off Tops

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. Plant labels for the garden made from the round aluminum pull off tops of nut and other cans. I think I saved this one from a can of cashew nuts. You can simply write on these tops with a permanent marker or you can scratch the name into the aluminum with a nail. If you scratch the name it will be permanent of course, which is great for identifying a tree. You can also label the location of the vegetables you just planted or the flower seeds you dispersed. The aluminum circle makes a nice plant label that doesn’t rust or rot. Plus the pull tab part makes hanging easy.

7 thoughts on “Garden Plant Labels Made From Aluminum Pull Off Tops

  1. Dani

    Very clever idea – especially the scratching it to make it a permanent label – that way it can be re-used each year. :-)

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  3. bonnie evans

    Friskies brand cat food cans now come with colored pull tops!!! I have orange,
    bright green, and purple ones to label my trees with…I plan to “etch” some and
    also try paint pens and permanent markers to see which last longest…

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