Sweet Spring Basket Craft: Wheat Grass Growing In Recycled Tray

This is a craft that is good for large groups of kids like school classes because the mushroom trays can be saved by the parents and the overall project will be very inexpensive. The handle for your “basket” can be made with a lot of different materials but I like the natural ones best. The photos show a basket handle made with a twisted piece of drift wood. You can grow grass seeds or wheat grass berries.

I waited too long to take these pictures: the grass is getting too tall. When we are done enjoying our grass baskets, I let my chickens enjoy the greens ! No wasting.

Note: This project is meant to be a centerpiece and is not meant to be carried around by the handle.

Follow this link for tips on growing wheat grass.

One more note:

I like growing wheat grass because it doesn’t take a huge amount of planning ahead. The plants will sprout in just a few days. When I grew the wheat grass in these mushroom trays, I soaked the seeds overnight and then put them on top of the potting soil, watered it, covered the tray with plastic for the first day or two and then watered only as needed. -Very easy child project.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Spring Basket Craft: Wheat Grass Growing In Recycled Tray

  1. Maribeth

    Looks good Hester! Our grass grew so fast the handle was covered over in one day! Now, what can we do with wheat grass? Eat it? chickens?

  2. jane Post author

    You can juice it if you have a wheat grass juicer, which I do not. I fed it to my chickens! They loved it!

  3. Jenell Hardy

    It is a shame to waste the grass by giving it to chickens! Wheat grass is full of vitamins and is really good for you. Just put it in a salad.

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