Mad Hatters Tea Party: Half A Cup Of Tea?

Sometimes a person only wants a half cup of tea. You need a special cup for this in Wonderland. I thought this would be an amusing addition to my Mad Hatter’s Tea party.

This is my cup of tea: creative, fun…

This cup was originally part of a night light that I got second-hand. I simply detached it from the light bulb: carefully. Then I used some bathroom calk to “glue” the half cup to a saucer. You can actually glue it if you prefer but I wanted the option to easily make it back into a night light.

2 thoughts on “Mad Hatters Tea Party: Half A Cup Of Tea?

  1. Katelyn MacDonald

    Hi Kathie,
    I have been looking for a half a cup forever, and am not able to find one anywhere.
    Do you know where I could find myself one? if you could please send me a quick email back where
    that would be great!
    Thanks a bunch!
    Katelyn MacDonald

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