Moss Filled Tea Cup: Party Table Decoration

I wanted a little more green on the table for my Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Because it was early March, there wasn’t a lot to choose from growing outside. I did however; find moss growing in some spots around my house. So here are the inexpensive yet pretty moss teacups I made.

I used second-hand tea cups. I choose cups from our collection that were the most worn and would be the least likely to be used for drinking tea. I filled them with potting soil then I dug up a circular clump of moss. Moss doesn’t have deep roots like other plants so you don’t have to dig up much soil with the moss. I then arranged the moss on top and watered it. Be careful not to over water. Mist regularly!

So simple and pretty.

5 thoughts on “Moss Filled Tea Cup: Party Table Decoration

  1. sherry boston

    I made some concrete planter bowls and just let the moss take over. Each spring, I plant one impatien in the middle of the moss. I may add one beautiful marble, stone or sea shell. It is so sweet. I groom it nearly daily.

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