Re-Use A Frozen Vegetable Bag For A Sandwich Bag

Reduce waste!

Here is an idea. Why not reuse the plastic bags that your frozen vegetables come in? After eating the vegetables, simply cut one end off the bag with a pair of scissors. Then rinse out the bag and you’re good to go. The bags can also be washed out with soap and water and used again. Eventually, you will recycle the bag.

You will need some way to hold the bag closed. I have these clips (see photo) but paperclips will work too.

Reduce the amount of plastic you use by reusing something you already have. Works well too!

3 thoughts on “Re-Use A Frozen Vegetable Bag For A Sandwich Bag

  1. Faith

    I love this idea. We are so wasteful in this country. Why throw things like this away and then go and buy zip locks? When you stop and think it makes no sense at all!

  2. Lisa

    These also work well for freezing other items. Just be sure to label them clearly and include the date.

  3. Cheryl

    When the snow melted in my neighborhood I noticed some trash that had ended up in my parking strip. The snow plow had deposited a lot of snow there and in so doing scooped up trash from the street.

    I thought about how long that smoothie bottle will be around and how fast the smoothie was consumed.

    I know I don’t have all of the answers but it sure feels good when I patch my kids jeans, or re-purpose something.

    We need to live gently and not waste the blessings of the earth.


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