Upcycled Plastic Pots: Beautiful Bark Covered Pots

Something as simple as covering a plastic nursery pot with bark can have wonderful results.

Adding a ribbon around the pot is a nice touch.

Nice for a house-warming gift or teacher gift.

Beautiful for a wedding or dinner party.

Add bark in a horizontal pattern or a vertical pattern.

We have a wood burning stove so I’m able to gather bark from around our log pile. Alternatively, you can harvest some from fallen trees. Using a hot glue gun, attach strips of bark. I used a pair of pliers to break the pieces to the appropriate length. Work your way around the pot: adding strips as you go. Reuse plastic pots you have hanging around your garage or find some secondhand. This blog is about wise use of resources so ask around and reuse items as much as possible.

I used 3 inches tall pots with square tops for a windowsill herb garden and I used a 4.5 inches tall round pot for a centerpiece.

6 thoughts on “Upcycled Plastic Pots: Beautiful Bark Covered Pots

  1. louisa @ Recycle This

    Love it! Simple but very effective – I think the centrepiece is my favourite – it looks fab.

    We regularly find sections of bark in our woodpile that would be perfect for this – can’t wait to give it a go.

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  3. jane Post author

    We have a wood burning stove so we harvest storm fallen trees on our property. We also harvest a tree now and then to improve sun in our garden or for other reasons. Also, we buy fire wood sometimes. There is plenty of bark available to me if I take the time to gather it. If you don’t have this available, keep an eye out for road workers that cut down trees on the side of the road. These workers are trying to keep the power lines free from falling branches. Often times they leave logs to rot there. I don’t think anyone would mind if you harvested some bark.

  4. Ray

    might be wise to check real good for any type of insect in the wood. Also I wonder what it would look like if you polyurethaned it?

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