Another Spadefoot Toad in MD! Alive and Well

Yesterday my husband found me this live Eastern spadefoot toad in our yard while doing some digging. He remembered my recent post about the dead one I found and knowing I’d be excited, he saved it for me to see. It makes me wonder how many times I’ve come across a toad like this. At first glance, it looks similar to the common American toad. But if you look closer you will see that they look very different. For example, a spadefoot doesn’t have the glands (large bumps) on its head that an American toad has.

A toad that spends most of its time underground is hard to find. Are any of you Marylanders finding this toad?

I love its eyes: amazing!

So cool: I now have live Eastern spadefoot toad pictures to share!

We let it go of course, after this photo shoot.

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