Local Halloween Themed Sewing/ Crafting Workshop

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Design and Sew Your Own Monster Softie!

This class involves some machine sewing and some hand sewing but not an overwhelming amount of either.

Bring: fuzzy sweaters and other items to be repurposed. Your charming softie might have claws, fangs or even a barbed tail. Not to worry, monster softies are always nice to their makers.

Design and Craft Your Own Rogue Robot.

This project doesn’t require any sewing; just imagination. Make them as scary as you like.

Bring: bits and pieces; a broken phone, worn out windshield wipers, broken flashlight, an old computer keyboard…. Also, be sure to raid the recycle bin for inspiring parts. Have extra? Bring some to share. In addition, an assortment of “junk” will be provided.

Workshop (9am-2pm) or class (9am-11am or 12pm-2pm)

Possible dates: Oct. 16th, Oct. 17th, and Oct. 24th

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