Local group works for a better planet

Several local middle school students are gathering on 10/10/10 for a work party in support of 350. These students calling themselves Teens for a Better Planet are making recycling posters to be placed in three local schools and several environmental education centers in St. Mary’s County, MD. The posters will serve to educate other students and visitors about recyclable materials. It will include commonly known items like plastic bottles and cans, but also include little known recyclables like plastic wrap and chip bags. These students want to encourage as much recycling as possible to prevent the waste of resources and to reduce the load on landfills (among other reasons). As more types of materials are accepted for recycling, it is important that the information be passed on to the public.

On 10/10/10, in every corner of the globe, people will implement solutions to the climate crisis. Other groups around the world will be installing solar panels, making community gardens, wind turbines and bike workshops. To learn more about 350, go to 350.org

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