What made this nest? Brown Thrasher Nest and Eggs

Brown Thrasher Toxostoma rufum

How fun: a pair of Brown Thrashers decided to make a nest in my yard (June 2010)! We found the nest hidden in a tangle of grape vines. Later we discovered three eggs inside the nest. According to Wikipedia, both parents take turns incubating the eggs. We often saw the mom or dad in the nest. We were very hopeful at the prospect of baby birds but when we returned from vacation sadly the nest was empty.

What made this nest? I’m going to post pictures of bird eggs and nests in order to help others identify nests or bird eggs that they find.

This nest was made mostly of small twigs and dried leaves in a tangle of grape vines in a yard in Southern Maryland. It was about five feet off the ground.

I’m briefly holding this egg in my hand so you can see relative size.

The brown thrasher is still commonly found in its range but its numbers have declined in some places due to habitat loss.

2 thoughts on “What made this nest? Brown Thrasher Nest and Eggs

  1. jane Post author

    I appreciate your concern for wildlife. This thrasher was not discouraged by my quick and careful visit. It wasn’t until a week or so later (when we were away on vacation) that something happened. Perhaps a predator ate the eggs.
    (It is not true that touching an egg makes the bird abandon her eggs.) However, I do agree that it’s best not to disturb animals in nature.

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