4th Of July Centerpiece Made From Recycled Materials

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Looking for an easy craft to decorate for this patriotic holiday? Here is a super easy craft that is red, white and blue- and “green” too. The swirls make you think of fireworks.

Save the twist ties off lettuce or other vegetables. In this instance you will want to use the ones that are red, white and/ or blue. Make tight curly cues by winding around a pencil and make larger curls freehand. Twist one end to the top of a clean saved chopstick (saved from last year’s outings). You can glue in place. Arrange your sticks in something you already have: an interesting jar could be nice.

3 thoughts on “4th Of July Centerpiece Made From Recycled Materials

  1. Prisca

    Hi Hester!
    Your website is so neat :) This post made me think of our 4th of July centerpiece for a cookout we hosted this year… A jar full of red twizzlers decorated with blueberries and mini marshmallows (attached with toothpicks). Festively patriotic and yummy! Keep up the great posts! Hope your family is well :)

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